I'm trying to write a solo peirce, i have got all the ryhem parts down but now it comes to the actaul solo and ive go this one lead line which is great but all i seem to do is end up repeating this line over and over in different pitches which is really annoying

any tips on writing a solo would be great
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You have to move beyond this one lead line you wrote.Have the rythm part play on loop or something and then improvise several lead parts,combine the ones you like more and there's your solo.Could be a few better methods lying around but that's what I do so I can't really speak for techniques I'm not that well acquainted with.
Something I do if I find myself repeating patterns is I will force myself to hit a note that is wrong - that doesn't work with what I'm playing - and then try to make it work. Because you are reworking your melody on the spot to incorporate the "mistake" you will find yourself playing something different than you were before you even realize you have changed the pattern.

Also, remember to utilize rests. The space between the notes is just as important as the notes themselves. Most guitarists don't understand how to use space.
Play that riff, then play something that builds off of that IN YOUR HEAD. Then try to translate that to the guitar.

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