hey you're right your guitar playing is way better than the singing (i can't sing either so that's why i do instumentals but points for the balls needed to try) overall i liked the flow of your song. couldn't understand a word you were singing though. the only complaint i really have is the way to distorted guitar tone you used. that was ok for the single note / lead stuff but for the rhythm i think way less distortion would work better. the guitar was very trebly as well. minor quible that doesn't really detract from the song that much.

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Cool track man! Loved the way the bass came in. :p Singing was off, but the track itself was killer. Something about the rhythm tone was off, but over all it was a cool track.

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You are what they call a “rhythm guitarist”. While it's not as glamorous as playing lead you can still get laid. Especially if you can sing and play.

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