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Yamaha FG Series FGX720SCA Acoustic-Electric Guitar
3 25%
Seagull The Original S6 Acoustic Guitar
5 42%
Epiphone EJ-200 Acoustic Guitar
2 17%
Ibanez AEL20E Acoustic-Electric Guitar
0 0%
Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QIT Acoustic-Electric Guitar
1 8%
Other - Please specify.
1 8%
Voters: 12.
I've never played before... I really want to buy a guitar and get started but I don't know which one to buy... I've been to a guitar store to try most of these... they all sound good? Please help...


Fender SCE 360 Auditorium.

I got mine for 500. It's beautiful and as long as you keep EXP strings on it, you will love it forever.
stay away from fender/ibanez. stick with either seagull or yamaha. i'd personally recommend the seagull s6
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Lower end acoustic/eletrics aint all that great. Id stick with a regular acoustic till you decide to upgrade into a higher price range.
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you should totally go for a Yamaha FG700S. you dont need the pick-up(electric thingy) when you are just starting. For the value, Yamaha is unbeatable, plus it's much cheaper than Yamaha FGX720SCA and im sure you wont be able to notice a difference.
I also agree with the Yamaha recommendations. I picked up a FG730S so I could have a park/beach "clunker" and not jeopardize my Martin. Well, I really like the sound of it, and if I wound up trashing it, I'd be pissed. Not Martin pissed, but pissed.

Yamaha makes a good guitar. When I picked it up, I was returning an Epiphone that had a crooked bridge, and I looked at a number of cheaper guitars. I thought the Fenders sounded dull, the Ibanezes sounded blah, and the Epiphones all had defects. As for Seagulls, I'm one of those guys that hates on the headstocks, so I never bothered to pick one up.
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how important are electronics to you?

do you prefer the sound of a martin dread or a taylor? if you're not sure here, do you like a little more bass or a little more treble?

do you care if the guitar has a gloss finish?

if you're not sure about any of this, get the seagull original s6. it has a shorter scale, which means a bit softer on the fingers, wider neck, which means your fingers won't feel packed in on the keyboard and you won't have to be quite as precise when playing. and it sounds great.