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I enjoy reading about simple but brilliant discoveries and inventions. I thought I'd make a thread to share some of these good ideas, and hopefully to encourage people to share the ones they've found. They don't have to be your own discoveries, but if you have any of your own to share, that would be great.

You may have seen some of these already:

Here's a clever way of cooking spaghetti (I'm trying this for lunch)

Handy method of dealing with cables

Here's a business card that turns into a catapult

And one of my personal favourites, the Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Share the awesome and ingenious.
All (relevant) contributions are welcome.
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I discovered years ago that if I call my sister-in-law a stupid pig she wouldn't talk to me anymore.

genius !

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Yeah, the final picture looks quite disturbing too

also, check my home made mic stand out -

and while you're looking, integrated keyboard and computer in the foreground
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