ive got a mac and want to record through a peavey vypyr 75 watt. Does it run through garage band or is there a program i'll have to get??? also, is it simply a usb cable to connect it to my computer. (p.s. i havent got one yet, but will be in the next month or so)
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I have the Vypyr 120 tube and if its the same as mine you can either use an auxillary cord or a usb type a to type b cord which is the same cords that most printers use. Im pretty sure you can use whatever program you want to to record with the vypyr although it does come with a trial to reaper.
sweet, thanks, are the recordings good quality or not?
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You may have to mess with sound levels but aside from that I always get good clean signals through USB
awsome, anything else i should know before i get it???
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