Hey guys this is just a quick cover I through together in memory of a buddy who passed. Took me less than an hour, which is really quick for me so I hope quality didnt suffer much, but im sure it did a little. Let me know what you guys think, would like any and all crits. Thanks guys.

Song is on profile Gravedigger by Dave Matthews Band

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Thank you for the listen man. Yeah im definitely not a Dave Matthews Band fan myself either but this is one of the few songs by them I like and was a favorite of my buddy. Was played at his funeral and I just had to cover it, was definitely feeling it.

Thanks again and will crit your song ASAP.
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Man, that was sweet! The tone of the guitar was really good, the clean tone was really... well, clean! 'twas really sweet, man. The playing was also faultless as I could hear it, was some tones off at some points if I heard right, but that had nothing to say when looking at the big picture. Well done, man.

And I'm real sorry for your loss, hope you're good, man. Keep it up!
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Thanks for the crit man. Much appreciated and yes im fine listening and making music help my get over the things like that in life and look at the bright side. Death is just another step of life. Thanks for listening, would be happy to crit anything of yours if you like.
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