Ok so to sum this up simply, I am a young guitarist and going to be playing with a band on a show they are about to do. This leaves an issue, they didn't tell me what we are going to play, I have a few ideas but i feel like they won't suffice to play. And on top of that, Guitar has stressed me out like crazy recently, I haven't been playing my best and i keep getting frustrated and wanting to stop playing once i start. I need some hints on what to do to get myself into practice mode and stop stressing, does anyone have any clue? I need some help bad
i would suggest you ask them what they plan on playing....

edit: oops baller beat me to it ^
Honestly it was a completle ****ed idea if you ask me, Its a band fronted by a family friend of mine who are all very accomplished musicians, playing classic rock, americana, southern rock, that kind of stuff. Now that alone is a enough of a turn off considering everything i learned has been metal, punk, that sort of stuff. I love that kind of music but i haven't learned that play style... its pretty stupid if you ask me, im pretty annoyed at this honestly
No not really... yea, this is what happens when you tell your parents you feel confident enough to play with a band, they take that as OK ILL GO ASK THEM IF YOU CAN PLAY THIS SATURDAY... yea... lol
Yeah dude, figure out the damn songs or you'll be swimming.
Oh yeah.

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A minor is the saddest of all keys.

EDIT: D minor is the saddest of all keys.
You don't know any of there songs, you've never practiced with them, and you don't even play there style?

Sounds to me like they were either pulling your leg about the gig, or they were just being nice since you're a family friend. I don't think they would mind if you told them you didn't want to do the gig.

Start going to practice. Get in par with them, then ask if they still need a guitarist.
I think i can get it down honestly, Im just freaking out a bit cause im not sure what to play, gona attempt to get in contact with them and get a setlist though
Getting in contact is a GREAT idea.

Otherwise, you could always just turn off your guitar and run around breaking stuff on stage...
Oh yeah.

Quote by hildesaw
A minor is the saddest of all keys.

EDIT: D minor is the saddest of all keys.
Hah, i just need a back up plan, Its kind of a pain getting in contact with them as they rarely check e-mail and ect. wahtever, thanks for your ideas guys
you can also pretend to play if you feel embarassed to bail out...

mute your guitar, strum some random chords and go crazy haha