Hey, what's up guys?
Now i just detuned my guitar to Db, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb and i just love that sound. Im using 11-48 strings and im wondering if its the best gauge for that kinda tuning. I dont have much money to experiment with different gauges so im asking you for advice: are those strings good or should i buy thicker ones? Well i think those are pretty good but i have never tried bigger gauges so i dont know what to expect.
So, guys, what gauge and tuning combinations are you using?
I always use Drop Db, and I only use light gauge (10 or lighter) strings. It plays so much better than with thicker strings, but thats my opinion. For sure if you go thicker than 11 it'll probably be a bitch to bend, and I'm not certain but it might put stress on your neck
does it sound good?
do strings feel good not too tight not too loose?
then use those strings for that tuning
and i use 9s on standard and drop d and some open tunings never really do the lower tunings
I use the exact same gauge of strings as you and I often play in that same tuning aswell, works completly fine, never had any problems.

The most important thing is what feels right for you, there is no correct gauge of strings to use for any tuning, as long as it feels right for you and you're not going out of tune ever time you touch the guitar then just go with it.
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e flat is perfect for 11's, dont worry
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It's really about what sounds and feels right. Personally, I use flatwound 13's and I play in standard, but that's just because I like the tone. 11 and drop Db sound like a fine combo to me.
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e flat is perfect for 11's, dont worry

Its drop D e flat Still you're cool!
Really thanks for comments, i really appreciate that. Probably im not gonna change my strings gauge, cause i really like the feel and sound of my 11's! Thanks guys, you're awesome.