Hi guys, no this thread is not about romantic experiences with your beloved Fender basses (please dont tell any stories if this has actually happend.) Anyways, when I got on today, I noticed the GC Memorial Day ad on the side and remembered thats when I got my MIM Jazz last year. Then it crossed my mind, I dont know when it was made (sometime during this decade though.) So there any way to find out when my bass was made based on the serial number (2 letters followed by a 7digit number.)
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OK, Fenders are kind of hard to date, since they usually never stay with one partner for long. Try to give her/him som time, and sing som songs, give him/her som roses, and show them that you love them

ooohhh.... You mean THAT kind of dating...

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Thanks guys! By the looks of it it was made in 2005-2006 (which makes sense, because now for some reason I remember seeing that number somewhere.) But props to Rocketface and Delirium for their contibutions!
I pride myself on my humility.