I got this not even a week ago and a day after having it my car broke down, so I need to sell this ASAP to fund repairs.

Mahogany body and neck
Rosewood fretboard with flag inlays
Creme binding on neck and headstock
Flame top with transparent black finish
Set thru construction
24 XJ frets on 24.75 scale
Grover tuners
EMG 81/85 pickups

Price $375 without a case
$400 with a case

This thing could not be in better condition. The pics do no justice to the finish at all. The flame lines up better than any 400 series I've ever seen. Will ship in original boxes with warranty and other case candy shiz.

if I could I'd buy this in a heartbeat. I'm surprised nobody's interested in this yet. Either way free bump!
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