Hey people. I'm a beginner and I need to choose an electric guitar and an amplifier for myself. So please help me pick them! My budget is 400$. All help shall be appreciated. Thanks a lot
Not knowing the style you want to play, I say get a Squier Telecaster and a Roland Cube amp.
You really can't go wrong with a Roland Cube. It'll cover every style possible.

A squier might not be right for the music he'll want to play, if it's not, maybe look into a cheap epiphone Les Paul or SG?
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you covered it already
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My music taste is nothing too heavy, not LoG for instance. I prefer covering Maiden/Metallica/GnR. I hope you get what I'm trying to say.
I would reccommend a Jackson JS23 Dinky, which goes for $199.99, and as far as a amp goes, a Peavey Vyper 30, which also is the same price. These are both perfect for the type of music that you stated.
Well, if you're gonna be playing old-school metal, Jackson might have a few cheap guitars up your alley(every old-school metal player and their dog has used a Jackson:Kirk Hammett, Scott Ian, Dan Spitz, Dave Mustaine, Marty Friedman etc etc.). If you don't mind playing a Strat copy, Ibanez RGs are okay for the price too. For the amp I'd agree with the Roland Cube, good effects, good tone, fairly cheap and surprisingly loud for the size. =P
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If you are okay with buying online, I highly recommend an Agile AL-2000.

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I'd recommend the Peavey Vypyr, probably the best bang for your buck, and it'll cover your genres.


You can check out Corts, once again, good bang for your buck for that money. The same quality, but you pay less for the brand name.
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if your really into the GnR sound i'd say go with this setup.

http://www.guitarcenter.com/Marshall-MG4-Series-MG15-15W-1x8-Guitar-Combo-Amp-105182075-i1435633.gc (Marshall is what Slash promotes for his tone, $99)

otherwise, i agree with the Roland Cube


and either way you still have a descent chunk to spend on a guitar that feels right for you. Just play on a bunch of guitars in that 200-300 price range (to stay in ur budget) and decide which you like best.
Thanks a lot guys.
I'll go for the Peavey Vypyr most probably and a decent Corts guitar. Let's hope for the best.
Thanks a ton everyone
Do not get that Marshall amp. It is a piece of crap and will not give you any GnR style tone.

Definitely get the Peavy Vypyr. As for a guitar, it doesn't matter.
as a begginer its really not going to matter very much what his guitar or amp are. i would say just get something cheap and make sure you like guitar before you make a big investment. Get something cheap and report back here in 3-6 months.

eventually when you get better you will understand why a good amp is much more important than a good guitar.
Ok final question: What should I look for in a guitar? As in, what should be the required specifications I should look for?
Just go out there and play whatever you can, research whatever you can. Look out for pups - single coils give generally nice clean tones but tend to hum with high gain, and humbuckers get rid of the hum for a fatter sound. take into opinion the weight of the guitar, as that really pissed me off - my guitar is a les paul, and it took some time getting used to the weight. Other than that, just go for what you think is best, try before you buy, and remember things like straps, a tuner and stuff. Overall, make sure your happy with what you get, and have fun with it, guitar is really a great thing.

Also I agree with Cort and a Vypyr or cube

Go with some Jackson , they are cheap ..
go with any Marshall according your sound ...
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If you are okay with buying online, I highly recommend an Agile AL-2000.


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Squier Strat or Epi Special II (depending on your style) and a Fender Vibro Champ. Awesome little amp.
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Finally, guys, I've got an ESP LTD EC-50 and a Peavey Vypyr 15

Sounds like a nice beginner setup. Better than what I had =P
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If you have $400 to spend you can easily get a used MIM Fender Strat/Tele from Guitar Center or eBay for ~$300, which blows any Squier out of the water. The Microcube is a good amp suggestion: it's versatile and can get almost any tone within reason. Plus, you can get it refurbished for ~$100.

EDIT: I see that you've already made your purchases. Better than a starter pack, anyways.
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