Tore out the vein that runs from my palm to my shoulder
Measured it a little less than 17 centimeters
Stretched out and taped to an annotated 2x4
Because its length runs more variable when its allowed space to shrivel

My words echoed godlike when I gave my presentation
But they saw something of themselves in me and had no choice but to listen
Didn’t understand and how could they
Eyes in their skulls making meaning relative, doctors searching for sedatives,
It was my fault, I thought they were ready
Tapped my back with their other-hand-in-their-coat pocket
Ratatat-tat fulcrum joints grinding down on stubs of bone and muscle
Just to congratulate me on the science
Misinterpreted breakthrough the human body will be feeling for years

And years and years after Freud families are still being punished
Years after Ford resources are exploited exponentially faster and
Years after Christ my brother was killed in His name
I saw a piece of His spine on the surgeons gloves in the waiting room
Wasn’t the same after that

Built a raft out of skin set sail for new horizons
When I touched back on the mainland votes in Florida were still being counted
Terry Shivoh was dead hurricane struck New Orleans numb
Turned inward to see where the movements had came from
But I just saw chemistry inside chemistry inside morbid chemistry
Surely there must be some greater treasure buried under the sky
But there wasn’t, so I tore out the vein that runs from my palm to my shoulder
And proved it