Well I finally decided on my next guitar. My friend has an Ibanez that I have played a couple times, and he offered to sell it to me for 200 because he is looking for something more comfortable for playing sitting down. What I was wondering is are there any things I will have to watch for such as the wiring going out or the pickups needing to be replaced? Basically do the components of this guitar ware out fast? Thanks for any input.

you might want to give us a link or pictures since there is more than one version of the iceman, all of varying qualities.

but generally Ibanez is well built and decently sturdy, so you shouldn't have too much of a problem.

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Stroke the furry walls.
stroke the furry walls.
I don't have any pics but I was just curious, no big deal. Been getting out and riding much? Been some pretty awesome weather here.
If you've played it before and are happy with it then I say go for it, especially if its in good condition
Yea that's what I was thinking. It has some scratches but I like a guitar to have some character so that doesn't bother me. It sounds great and the neck is amazing, and $200 bucks is less then I would end up paying for anything I bought new so I'll go for it.