i want to record my instruments from reason with cubase. E.g.: I have a project in cubase: drums, guitar etc are already recorded. Now I want to record some piano from Reason with Cubase.
I dont want to record with Reason first and then just export the file to Cubase. I want a seperated track in Cubase which only records the Reason audio output. Does anyone have an idea? I can only record the whole audio-output with Cubase now, which means that the other tracks are recorded again in one track but I want this track to be only the piano from Reason.

Thanks for your answers!
Hey man, yeah it's possible. I do the same thing but with reason->logic. You have to run the reason instruments through rewire in order to get them to play in cubase. I've never used cubase so I'm unfamiliar with it but here's a youtube video to get you started.