Hi Guys,
My brother is getting into guitar and is getting a new guitar for his birthday..

i took him to the local shop today and he liked the SG's...

question is, what budget sg's are there which are actually half decent?

i instantly thought about the vintage vs6 and the epi g310...

im in the UK...
The epi G400 isn't much more here, around maybe $100 more, and its much better then the 310. Set neck, mahogany body, and a better finish. The pickups are crap but would be fine for him to start off with.
ok! i didnt see any g400's in the store, just this ugly looking 310...
i got the feeling that the vintage was good quality for the money?
The vintages i've played are excellent quality, easily as good as any of the normal run chinese epi's. I'd go for the vintage or look on ebay for an epi one.
im on ebay at the minute, the best way to put the budget is, as cheap as possible!
looking at maybe £100 used..
If you are willing to put in about $200 more, it would be a great idea to get an SG Special faded (or a used regular SG Special, if you don't like the faded finish.) It is a huge step up from a G-400, and it isn't that much more expensive (if you look at it in a certain way
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well as my last post said, hes only 13 and its a birthday present, i had a go on the vintage sg and it seemed alright for learning on pickups a bit weak..
If you look around and go for the right one you'll be able to get an SG400 for about £100. For that price they're easily worth it. It will be a great guitar for him to learn on as well.
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If you look around and go for the right one you'll be able to get an SG400 for about £100. For that price they're easily worth it. It will be a great guitar for him to learn on as well.

any other makes i should be looking for to broaden to search?
try to track down a cougar sg copy ( i don't know what it's actually called) i got mine for about £150 and you can get a very good sound out of it, good cleans, nice distort, pickups produce very little hum unless you're using a crappy amp, the only bad thing about it is that the finish is very thin and comes off easily other than that it's a nice solid guitar

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Personally I reckon that the Epiphone and the vintage guitars are your best bet. But you could also look at the westfield guitars. They're the only ones I'd bother with because after that the quality dips dramatically.
yeh ive played a westfield lp and it was horrible...
ill keep my eyes peeled for a cheap vintage of g400?
from what I understand the vintage are a little bit better quality than the epiphones(i also personally like them cause they actually look like sg's unlike the ESP Viper or the Agile SG Copy w/ the offset bodies, makes them look like jazz bass's). I personally don't like the epi SG's very much, although the g-400 seems to get a lot of solid review. I wouldn't bother with the sg310 though, unless it's his first guitar (which is kind of what it sounds like), in which point it doesn't matter that much. But you can get an sg310 pretty cheap, you could probably get a used one for like $120-150 (im not sure what exactly that translates to in Euro's or pounds though)

I wouldn't look at tokai's quite yet as if he is new to guitar they will be very expensive and not really necessary yet. Although if he is more serious than the 310 or other epi's, if he could scrape together like $400-$500 (once again don't know the exchange rates) he could easily get a used Gibson SG Special.

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Agile makes nice SG copies.
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Epi G-400 is pretty good. You should also look at the Agile Valkerie (spelling?) Those go for about $300-400.
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