I'm looking for a 2x12 cabinet, and I like vintage 30s, so the orange was pretty cool for me, but the lowest i can get it for is 700 bucks. now, the marshall 1936 would be around 550 new, but would have g12t75 speakers, and I've read here that they're not that great...
In the end, which cab should I go for? I'm pretty sure I'll get more suggestions as well, and that would be cool =)
I could order an avatar, but since I'm in Montreal, a traditional one would run me around 525 canadian bucks.

Suggestions? I don't know if I could actually get a well built cab for much less, but I'm hoping =)
the cab has to be a 2x12 though.
about the speakers, would there be a huge difference between the g12t75 and other speakers? what should i be wary of?
it would be to get a crunchy distortion tone..
good idea for the traynor cab, didn't know if they were good, i've read somewhere that they had a bad reputation