Oh hi!

Summer 2010 Song Contest I

Theme: Birds
Deadline: June 20, 2010
Submit one (1) original recording of a song!

What does this theme mean?
Basically, as long as your song has something to do with birds,
mentions birds, is inspired by a bird, etc, it's fair game!

So in honor of the fact it's summer (or well, almost summer for some of you), let's do another contest. But sre9981, we just did one?! This is crazy talk?! Maybe so, but why not another?! Lets spur some creativity in everyone and get some writing done! Plus, what feels better than finishing a song?!

So yeah, this one is a little more abstract I feel, but that can only lead to good things!

Voting will occur like last time and more details will come when it's time for that! Get those fingers warmed up, those synthesizers and new fangled string things out of their cases and get creating!

<3 sre9981
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Oh sweet!! I have lyrics I wrote a couple days ago with the chorus based on an eagle metaphor......If I have time to do the music by then, I'll be sure to pitch in. I have about 8 other works in progress right now, because I work on songs sporadically....hopefully I get around to this
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My cover of Manchester Orchestra's "I Can Feel Your Pain"
I have yet to decide if covers shall be allowed. In either case, originals are preferred and if you do a cover it must be an original interpretation. :-P

(also, I'm in)
oh man! i love birds. plus i am going to be home a bored a lot in the coming weeks.

also digging that this looks to be the first of our summer contests.

also also, i think that i might be willing to dig through my cds to maybe find a prize for our winner?
*cough* I'm going away for a week and there have only been a few entries, so yeah. You have a little longer to get your entries in
^haha oh well, even though mine's sorta incomplete, i'm never going to have time to do anything else with it anyway... i already had my mind set on posting it today anyway.

check out my profile to listen to "Aves Lovely".
<3 u
Alright, since there were only 3 entries, I feel like we can wrap this up saying:

You're all winners for getting an entry in!

Maybe the topic was too weird or something, but hopefully another summer contest will get more interest...