What is the usual gauge for stock strings? I dont have a caliper at home and i hate buying strings cuz i usually buy huge ass ones.

Also the strings i have are round wound and you can hear my every move on them, I have the fast fret stuff but it really doesnt make that much of a difference. Any other suggestions? My next guess is coated strings which is why im asking for the gauge and flat wounds arent really the sound im looking for.

Thanks in advance
Normally either 45-100 or 45-105.

As for suggestions, I don't know. I use Rotosound Swing 66s, but they're non-coated so it doesn't apply.
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Rotosound Swing 66s, 45-105

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Fast Fret works great on guitar strings but not on bass strings. You can try groundwound strings, which are somewhere in between flatwounds and roundwounds. The few times I've tried them, they felt almost sticky. I did not care for them. Nickel-plated strings are easier to slide on than are stainless steel strings. Some strings are coarser than others. Rotosound 66s are considered to be very coarse. Dean Markley Skullbusters are so coarse that you could saw through prison bars with them (they sound very good, though). Try GHS Boomers. They're nickel-plated and should work well for you.
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