So, new song I've covered. I feel I really improved on this one, did some things differently (heightened my strap a bit, got the bass even higher, practiced a bit more etc). So, yeah, All That Remains - The Air That I Breathe, really fun song to do.

Would love some ratings, comments, and constructive criticism is always good, as I know I do mistakes, though I might not see them to clearly myself!



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This is such a cool song, the bass playing is so nice too. The tone is nice, really stands out through my speakers.
I'm thinking this is quite a hard song (i don't play bass), but you've done well... you look pretty legit playing too (cool in other words, haha).
I'm getting into metal now, so this is good for me... i love it!

Keep it up!

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Nice job man, a few timing issues in a couple places but nothing really noticeable or anything, overall a great job. Not a bass player myself but it sounded pretty good, kinda makes me wanna pickup a bass lol. Recording quality could be better but good enough for what you were doing.

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