Hey guys. This is a cover of Cross Road Blues, the Robert Johnson tune. It's done almost in the Delta blues tradition, except I'm using a pick. I'm even pulling my chest voice until it breaks up and sounds all belty. No room for perfect tone in blues, haha. Enjoy!

Not really my style of music, but I cannot for the life of me use a guitar slide and your singing was quite good. So overall, pretty good, but not for me haha
R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio. Supplied amazing music to both me and my mother.

He will be missed.
Some great guitar work in there man you owned that slide, nice blues voice too. I was impressed I've never tried to play with a slide but its always really interested me, I guess I should just go out and get one already.
Thanks you guys. Slide isn't that difficult, there are just a few things that are hard to get at first. First, muting behind the slide is hard getting used to. Also, the constant vibrato. The biggest part though is it's an entirely different tuning. It's almost like learning a different instrument.
Thanks for the crit man.

That was f*cking awesome dude! for real wow. Great playing, no, amazing playing! And that voice literally made the hair on my arms stand up, great voice. You really got into it and you did an awesome job. Robert Johnson would be smiling after that I think. Great job and keep it up.
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