Well I would like to buy a good acoustic or electro-acoustic. I `am currently on a intermediate type playing some advanced stuff. I learned to play on a crappy 50$ dollar guitar from sam`s. And right know I`d like to get a good, one for about 200-300 dollar range. A friend of mine also is selling his epiphone, he hasn`t used it much and is practically new . So what are some suggestions?
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Try and get a Martin acoustic(i could've got the name wrong), their really good from what i've heard and have a good neck
Not going to find a Martin for 2-300 new, maybe used. Try maybe a Yamaha with a solid top or a seagul.
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a lot of lower end epiphones aren't the best - which one does your friend have?

the yamaha fg730s is a nice guitar - very good sound, solid top, gloss finish, good build quality. the yamaha fg700s costs $100 less at $200, and sounds almost as good. the seagull entourage s6 is around $315, and while personally i don't care for the look, it has a very nice sound with a bit more bass than the yamaha, which has a silvery sound to me.

and right now maury's has the blueridge br-40 marked down to $319. to me, this and then the seagull would be best for strumming. the blueridge is closer to a martin dread sound, but the seagull sounds very nice. obeythepenguin has a clip on his seagull entourage s6 in his profile.
not a great guitar - it's all laminate, including the top, and i've never heard one of these cheaper epiphones that sounded all that good. i guess it depends on what's important to you - sound quality, looks or price. personally i'd get the blueridge, yamaha or seagull entourage as they'll sound better, partly because of their solid tops, but while i haven't played this exact epiphone, the non-masterbilt ones have all been pretty unimpressive to me.