Can guitar tuners be off when you buy them?

i have a korg CA-1 chromatic tuner, iv had it about five weeks, its set at 440, But every time i tune with it im a little out of tune with whomever im playing with, but if i use their tuner(or someone elses) im dead on with them. idk what the problem could be. i always make sure to tune exactly how they do expen strings, 12th fret harmonics etc.

any ideas?
ill prob end up just buying a new tuner but i would still like to know what is wrong with this one.
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Tuners only operate in a certain range of accuracy. It's fairly common to be a bit out of tune with someone else if you're not using the same tuner (or one that's extremely accurate).
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Looks like a pretty standard tuner, seems very unlikely that it would be off like that. Maybe it's your intonation or how hard you're fretting?
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The only answer that i can think of is that different tuners have different measurements for 440 hz.

So like one tuner's 440 is another tuner's 440.5
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If you're not using the same tuner as the other people you will be off. Also check your intonation.
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one of my tuners would tune my guitar fine, but would say my brother's was like a half-quarter step out of tune, when he was really in tune.
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