Hello there,

Lately most of my tone has been coming from my Pod X3 which I am very happy with. For live purposes I run the Pod's output into the return of my Carvin Legacy which acts like a power amp then into my 2x12 with V 30's.

Lately I've been curious about the Atomic Amp line and have a couple of questions.

1) First off, does any one have any experience with these products and the POD X3, the newer ones with the full range speaker in particular?

2) How much of the multi-effects comparability comes from the speaker because they now have a standalone power amp. Would I still get good results with this and my Carvin 2x12 or am I better off holding out for the full product with the cabinet?
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im surprised you wouldnt be using your Legacy rig for tones and the Pod in its FX loop for effects, that would be a killer setup right there....

edit: i guess i would get their ~15w combo amp rig, maybe more wattage if you want more clean headroom.
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