I'm trying to mic up my amp for recording, and i'm kind of new at it, since all ive ever used to record is a pod through my computer. I have my amp's tone exactly where i want it (or so i thought).

My amp (a 1x12 combo) is sitting on top of another amp, so when i'm standing up it sits at about chest height. so i set the eq and effects etc to where i like it from that angle.
the problem is when i mic it (or sit in front of it where my head is level with the speaker, the tone is quite a bit "harsher" than it is when i'm standing in front of it. The tone i hear when standing is exactly what i want. Is there a simple way to adjust the sound for micing, like cutting the treble or mid, or boosting the bass?

can i just have the mic off to the side of teh amp, or will it not pick up the sound well enough?

sorry if this is a dump question, but thanks a bunch in advance if you help me out.
one more thing. If i play live with that set up, with teh audience mostly hear the "off to teh side" sound, or the "right in front of teh speaker" sound?
You'll want to put it right in front of the speaker, especially live. Try moving the mic around a bit. Right in the center of the speaker will sound pretty harsh, try moving it further towards the outside, it'll get rid of some of that harshness. Try it on the edge of where the dust cap (the big round bit in the middle) meets the speaker cone itself, thats usually a good spot to mic.
Also, what mic are you using?
it's a shure sm57.

the problem isn't just the mic placement, since i get that harshness just by lowering my ear to speaker level
Ahh, the problems with recording... you're going to have to tweak and tweak and tweak to achieve your ideal sound if you don't wanna move the mic.

Try placing it a couple inches away from the speaker, or maybe try a condenser further away.
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it's a shure sm57.

the problem isn't just the mic placement, since i get that harshness just by lowering my ear to speaker level

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sit with your ear near where you want the mic. adjust the eq on the amp so it sounds like what you want. you also have to play with mic placement. try 2 to 6 inches back from the grille, with the mic pointed just outside the center cap of the speaker. or maybe a bit further outside than that. play around there and find something you like.