I'm trying to sell a Warmoth build I have because I don't enjoy it as much as I used to. I got a trade offer for a 97-98 Fender Jerry Donahue sig tele. It's sunburst with the white trim and black pickguard. Comes with a Fender HSC that the new american fenders come in.

Here is what I need to know.. How much are these guitars worth, realistically? and anything else you want to add about this guitar would help me alot. I tried to find some for sale but had no luck finding any on ebay!

Here are some pics. He is taking more for me tomarrow in the day light. He tells me the guitar is in mint condition aside from the normal light pickguard marks. If someone could tell me what this guitar might be worth and any other info, it would be much appreciated!
Lol the third result on google for Jerry Donahue sig is your thread on the telecaster forum. Read some reviews on Harmony Central there's quite a few. It seems people are paying around $600CAD for these. You're not going to get $800 for your Warmoth.
after looking at that jaguar... MAN that thing is nice... even being a short-scale guitar, i would love to own that thing. would look great with my tele deluxe too bad i'm not in the market... but having said that, i would stick with the warmoth. unless you love your tele so much you just need a second one, this new tele isn't going to give you a completely revolutionary sound.

i do the same thing you mentioned in your sale ad; buy and sell really nice gear just simply because i always have a case of GAS for something new and cool. but still, that warmoth looks like something you could always come back to. i guess whats awesome for me isn't always awesome for somebody else, but here's my 2 cents on the matter
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The warmoth is actually standard scale. I just call it a Jaguar because I think it sounds cooler than a Jazzmaster :P The warmoth is a great guitar although there are some things I don't really like about it. Mostly the star inlays. Thought it was cool at the time!

I realize I'm not going to get $800 for my Warmoth, which is why I'm so tempted to trade for this tele. Plus, the tele seems really nice and rare.