Cool story, bro.
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There's plenty of lesbians that aren't obese. I have videos to prove it.
Probably "Are you saying you want to fight me? Because I'll fight you, right now.", and variations of that.

I say it (jokingly, of course) all the time.
Hey everybody, look at how witty OP is!
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you... have paper in your guitar case?
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not hated
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Do you have a saying or memorable quote you created or borrowed that people remember you by?

(When something bad happens to someone that also happend to me) "Welcome to my world, my world sucks."

(When someone gives there opinion and I agree) "Very"

(When someone says my guitar playing sucks) *Pulls out a paper from guitar case or anywhere* "Here, write your complaint here and someone will be right with you, if not, no one gives a rats a**"

(When someone says there better then me or someone else at guitar) "What do you want? A cookie!?" (A quote from Chris Rock)

Your turn:

As much as it would make me look like an ass, I'm going to use both of these.

Eh, I'm really tired right now, I can't really think when I'm tired. If I think of anything, I'll edit this post.
My favorite quote: "Use the searchbar before regurgitating threads!"
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Extremely attractive woman.
extremely attractive
oh baby
EDIT: you're a guy. shit.
...an extremely attractive guy.
extremely attractive
oh baby

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"Cry in the shower so no one sees your tears."
For Frodo!
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No because a world full of marbles silly man is just as real as a half empty glass of microwaved nesquik.
We can tell other people about - having faith. What we had faith in. What we found important enough to fight for. It's not whether you were right or wrong, but how much faith you were willing to have, that decides the future. - Solid Snake
My version: Have faith and get off your ass. Do something about your life.
"Music became a healer for me. And I learned to listen with all my being. I found that it could wipe away all the emotions of fear and confusion relating to my family." Eric Clapton
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"If you want to make it in the music business, you have to be prepared to eat shi t and ask for more."- Marty Friedman

(after doing some sort of exercise)"My throats as dry as a taiwanese hooker on cheap tuesday"
"I'm as sore as a taiwanese hooker on free friday"

"This thing sucks more than a hoover vacuum cleaner"
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I go to the pit only to just look at your creepy perverted username.

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"hey dude, your guitar-playing/tone/sound/guitar/amp/whatever sucks!"
"yeah, i know"

best answer!
'I wonder what Ergo means "I think there, I am" not sure.'
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I love you forever.

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That Rick Roll was extremely well played.
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"hey dude, your guitar-playing/tone/sound/guitar/amp/whatever sucks!"
"yeah, i know"

best answer!

haha ive used this one, great effect
I'm smart enough to know I'm stupid, but you're stupid enough to think you're smart.
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(after any statement)"Big booty bitches WHA??"

You slur them all together when you say that, right?

Because I'm totally using that now.
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"I didn't mean to George."

"Well you're not tending the rabbits now Lennie."

I really wanna be remembered for saying, while an airplane is crashing and I am on it, "This is the last time I fly this airline."
"I have traveled 200 years back in time to call you a cracker." - Me
We are the diamonds that choose to stay coal;
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The end of the world

"I'm sorry - go take a Tylenol and a double dose of get the hell over it"

I think that a lot more than I actually say it.
A poor craftsman blames his tools...

I actually say this to people IRL
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Don't fret man.
What are you doing, ya dunce!?
You're a bigger douche bag than Justin Bieber
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Your mom had a botched abortion, and you were the result.

Need a laugh?
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That deserved a lolmeter

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A poor craftsman blames his tools...

I actually say this to people IRL

haha me too
"and I care why?"
"why hello there?...you from around here?" *in a real deep Ron burgandy like voice*
"I'm going to shoot you in the chode with a crossbow" If i'm mad at someone or just a good comeback

edit: oh! and the two in my sig
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If seeing is believing...

...Then believe that we have lost our eyes!!
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You slur them all together when you say that, right?

Because I'm totally using that now.

Of course, while standing in place and flailing my arms wildly.
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" Woman, you can't just open the book of my life and jump right in the middle!

Like women, I'm a mystery"