Hey Kids! I had some questions on 2 pedals...the MXR 10 band eq and the MXR Black Label Chorus...
do they really effect the tone at all really? because i was on youtube and i couldnt see a difference really. but maybe those were bad demos. could u guys help me out here.
The EQ makes a tremendous difference, but it's not really one of those things you notice (except that your tone is alot better, until you turn the pedal off and hear what you have without it. )

No idea about the chorus though.
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The chorus does make quite a difference, as does the EQ.

The chorus more noticeable (it sounds freaking awesome... I have it... but have you seen the proguitarshop demo of it?), as it is a modulation effect, but the EQ often gives me that extra "oomph" that makes my distorted playing a lot more listenable and concise.
I have the MXR 10 Band EQ and I swear by the ability to shape your sound with it. Of the pedal based EQs out there, I think it's a great value to do what's needed. For me, I like a lot of control over my mids and it allows me to tailor my sound to "lower" end middle frequencies.

As for the Black Label Chorus, I've never used it but it looks very versatile as far a a chorus goes. Seems very tweakable and that's something I like in pedals so it appears to be worth looking into. Chorus in general can make a big impact on sound even if it's subtle. In my opinion it's one of the more useful effects which is funny because I don't own one yet.