Band Name: Dreams of Agony
Genre: Death Metal/Hardcore/Progressive
Influences: THE GHOST INSIDE, Whitechapel, Stray From The Path, Misery Signals
Colors: Just plain white and/or plain black.

A little about Dreams of Agony:
This is my side project I started about a month ago. I have 5 songs and a cover so far. Its not online yet, hell its not even recorded yet lol. I write the guitars and bass and use EZDrummer for drums. No vocals(I suck). But I plan on finding permanent members and playing alot of shows. Hopefully by mid-June, we will be playing shows.

What I'm looking for:
Im looking for a death metal type logo(Whitechapel, Carnifex,etc.) mixed with a font like The Ghost Insides logo. Pretty much clean letters than maybe "Agony" in a death metal style. Kinda like Stray From The Paths logo.

Whitechapel logo:

The Ghost Inside logo:

Stray From The Path logo (Top of album):

If you make me a logo, I will give you full credit and you will be on DOA's top friends on MySpace. PLEASE HELP!

Thank you!
Quote by QAZAR
None of the links work, but I think i know what you mean. Hit this guy up: http://www.myspace.com/sickskin
Hes the one who made The Faceless logo

and cannibal corpse logo.

he also did some logos for my band here

He has a waiting list. Thanks though.
I like the sound of your influences man, but there's a Band Logo Exchange thread stickied at the top of this forum, go there
My name is Danny. Call me that.