Hey all,

Anyone know a decent free DVD ripping program for windows? Preferably with the ability to rip/convert to avi including chapter markers if possible. Most people on UG seem to be more tech savvy than I am these days so I figured it would be a great place to ask!

dvd shrink 3.2

It only rips to Iso, but it's easier to batch rip and then convert when convenient anyway.
DVDFab is a decent decrypter, and I use Handbrake to encode to mkv, though that's not what you're looking for. Can't help you for avi encodes.
I'm not out to breach copyright, I'm just looking for a free program that's decent... if that exists!

Thanks, I'll check those out!
if you're ripping a dvd then you're going to have to weasel your way around copyrights. there's nothing legal for that dude. there's a reason windows media player and itunes cant do it for example. cuz its not meant to be legal. any program you're getting to do it is working around copyrights or breaking them entirely. there's one in particular that i know of that burns the coding right off the dvd (physically) that makes it that you cant do that. but i cant share more. just google it dude. you're bound to find things
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