I'd appreciate any leads or info as to the identification of this Jackson guitar. the fellow selling it says he doesn't know its origins. He doesn't think there are any other words written on it but there is a serial number (which he doesn't know because he was at work).

He just called it a 'Super Strat' for lack of a more precise term.

For some unknown reason, I like green guitars.

Yeah I've never seen a Jackson like that. Now I'm not that good at spotting fakes but if I were you I'd be suspicious, but like I said I'm no expert.
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For some unknown reason, I like green guitars.

yea i like a nice green stain with a shiny clear coat, it makes the wood grain look awesome, especially on black korina

as for identifying that i have no idea, you might want to check out jacksons website and see what you can find.
I'm not sure that I have even ever seen a pick guard on a Jackson. Got me curious, hope you figure it out.
It doesn't look right to me. For one, Jackson almost never uses a one-way trem. Not to say it's never been done, but rare in production models. Also, that whole headstock looks wrong to me. The logo doesn't look right on there and the shape isn't familiar. Though, I'm not an expert. Make sure you check the hell out of that serial.
I swear I've seen stuff like it. Looks like some entry level thing from the 80's to early 90's with a nice top.

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It doesn't look right to me. For one, Jackson almost never uses a one-way trem..

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well found it.. looks like it's real to me..

It looks like there was a MIK and a MIJ model of this guitar. If it's the MIJ model I say jump on it if it's a decent price. ($200-300ish) maybe change out the pickups. From reading around it seems the MIK ones were pretty inconsistant in terms of quality.

Thanks for the leads.

I can now identify it as a Jackson PS-7 'Green Flame'.

A search of the model on Ebay shows a couple that will probably go in the mide $200's. I can get the one here at a third less but it's not a brand I would normally collect unless the guitar is special in some way.

Re Korean guitars. I have no knowledge of Jacksons, but I have two models of Korean Fenders and they are excellent.'...a Fender Aerodyne and a Fender Tie-dyed hippie blue Strat.'

You help was much appreciated.