yup, i have another small guitar on the way - a breedlove passport C250/CM, T with a cedar top, electronics and a 1 3/4" nut. it's an extra small guitar with a 19.1" scale, and i've been wanting to try a guitar like that since i first read about the tacoma papoose. besides, at the moment i have no cedar and no acoustic electric... i love the feeling you get when a new guitar is on the way!


composite acoustics cargo
yamaha jr1
washburn rover
go guitars walnut grande
montana backpacker (planning to sell it)
laguna ld1 (planning to sell it)

i very sadly sold the seagulls because with my shoulder injury i had not been able to play them in some time.

i'm considering a guild gad-f20 right now. i can only play small or thin guitars for more than a few minutes, and it's all solid and a very good compromise for me size-wise.