First of all, I want to thank anybody that sent me a tribute. Also, I'm sorry to anyone who's tribute didn't make the article. You still tried, and did your part for Paul. Thanks to you all, I couldn't have done this without you.

This should be featured / uploaded by the Russians on Monday.

“Slipknot are an awesome band. I got into them through a friend of mine though, and this story is really his.
My friend has a lot of problems in his life. His older brother was born with problems, and he was the one who often dealt with them. His brother died when he was just 10, and it really traumatized him. He wasn't really the same after. He has a lot of pain.
He deals with his problems through Slipknot. I know it sounds cheesy, and a lot of people will make fun of him for it, but it gets him through his life. Slipknot is his favorite band, and when I told him Paul died...he cried. Lots. They meant the world to him.
RIP Paul. Your music touched more lives than you will ever know.”

- get ta led out

“Slipknot were a big part of my life.
Slipknot were who introduced me to metal and guitar, and they accompanied me for a huge portion of my teenage years, and to this day have a special place in my heart that no other band can replace.
Slipknot is even responsible for my username, since I jokingly called myself "the monster that Corey Taylor created", because kids in high school thought I was weird for liking Slipknot.

Slipknot were there when I met my best friend, who commented on my tapping of Slipknot's "Spit it Out" rhythm on my legs during a boring lecture.
This friend has been with me most of my life, and has helped me through the many hardships I have encountered.
Slipknot were there when I broke up with my first girlfriend.
Slipknot were there when teenage angst and hormones were driving me nuts.
Slipknot were there to teach me guitar through their songs, and to influence my songwriting.

For many years, they were the best band in the world to me, and I still think of them as one of the very best in music. To hear that one of their most influential members, Paul Gray, tragically passed away fills my heart with sadness, because never again will their music be the same.
Never again will I hear new material of my favorite band with the same people whose music followed me through my youth and filled me with joy when I was happy, and agreed with me when I hated the world or felt alone.
Today marks an end of an era of music for me, and I wish to pay my biggest respects to Paul Gray's family, the other members of Slipknot, and everyone else who has been so deeply touched by this man's music.
RIP Paul Gray. You'll be missed.”

- CoreysMonster

Paul Dedrick Gray, the bass player of legendary band Slipknot, was found dead in his hotel room, on May 24, 2010. This has sent shockwaves worldwide, through musicians and fans alike. The community here at Ultimate-Guitar. com is no exception, with many heartfelt tributes being paid to Paul, his wife Brenna and the remaining band members. He was aged 38, and his first child is due to be born this year.

“I truly feel some sadness about this whole situation. Paul was only 38 years old, which by today's standards is a pretty early age of death. He also had a wife, who was pregnant with Paul's first child-to-be. That child is now going to grow up without a father, which is something I can relate to, and that's the real heartbreaker of this situation to me.
Slipknot had always stood by "If one of the nine are gone, we all are gone." which is also a tragedy. One of the biggest bands of the past decade could possibly split up because of this tragic event, that's a damn shame, although I do see the merit in it and it is honorable.
R.I.P. Paul Gray. You're jammin' with Dio and The Rev now, man. Rest in peace.”

– JayT44

The death of any musician is a sad time – any loss of life is bad and will affect people. However, as musicians ourselves, it hits us harder. We lose one of ourselves; a member of the worldwide musician community. We respected his ability to play bass guitar to a high standard, and the way he connected with the music. It was obvious that he also had a strong connection with his band, and that they completely trusted him during studio time and recording. However, more so, we respected him as a person. The fans knew him as the ‘gentle giant’. If only one member of the band was going to meet up with fans after a gig, it would be Paul. He loved the fans, and they loved him.

"It's a shame to see someone so talented, with so much potential to become greater, die at such a young age. Because of Paul's love for the fans, and love for music, his influence reaches beyond just his close personal friends and his 8 brothers he's shared the past 10 years with. Among others, I have expressed a profound sadness at the death of this great musician and hope his memory lives on through the music he has created and inspired for years to come. Though I never knew you, I will always remember this day, and will never forget the day we lost you, as a mentor, a friend, and most of all, an inspiration. Rest in Peace, brother.

I got choked up writing this, it's so sad to see him go.”

- crackhutch

Paul was known as an all round top guy - brilliant musician and brilliant person. His bandmates often credited him, stating that he was ‘one of the main songwriters’ and also the ‘peacemaker of the band’. Having these credits truly show that Paul was very talented and very respected. Onstage, he had a huge personality. Filled with character, he – along with the other members – put on an amazing live show. Offstage, his personality was still huge. However, instead of being full of craziness, he was full of love. At the press conference after his death, his bandmates repeatedly gave him loving tributes, such as “he made you feel like you were part of his family”. Possibly, the most heartwarming thing said was ‘He gave the greatest hugs out of anybody I’ve ever hugged. You know, you hug a lot of people, but man, that dude, when he grabbed on to you, you could just feel him and the love that he had for you at that moment in time”.

“Paul's work on MFKR is inspirational and massively influential to myself and many others. The tone, the style and most importantly how thoughtful all his basslines are show that Bass is just as important as Guitar.
It pains me to see someone so young die and it brings back terrible memories of last October when the bassist Mike Alexander died. These people I hardly knew had an aura and friendliness about them that no amount of musicianship can make up for.
It feels like a childhood friend who I lost contact with has died. The world hasn't just lost another musician; it's lost another innocent human being. It's been an honour playing your bass lines, Paul.”

- Isabiggles
RIP Tom Searle.
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Like most world famous musicians, Paul was not without his demons. In the past, he admitted to trying numerous types of drugs, and was open enough to talk about it in detail. He talked about battles with Heroin and depression, and his “sporadic use of various drugs and of the long periods of abstinence in between.” In 2003, he was arrested on drug charges, but it was concluded that he wasn’t an addict, and that he understood that any drugs lead to consequences. However, drugs came back to haunt him during the recording process for “Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses”. He was put into rehab, and came out clean. He stated that he was clean for a “couple of years” after rehab. Once again, the drugs returned. This time, he went to a Doctor and “straightened himself out”. These demons are the only stain on an otherwise remarkable career.

“I remember being exposed to Slipknot during junior high. At the time when I was just discovering bands like Linkin Park and Korn, these guys were one of the biggest standouts just because they were darker, faster, crazier, had incredibly mysterious imagery that surpassed even Marilyn Manson, and, well, they were pretty much the heaviest thing in the world. They were unlike anything I had ever heard before at the time, and they quickly became one of my favorite bands and definitely made an enormous impact on my musical tastes for years to come.
One of the first songs I remember hearing from them was ‘The Heretic Anthem’. I absolutely loved how the opening riff continuously built up with one guitar, then another, and finally climaxed with Paul Gray's bass line and Joey's drums before all hell broke loose. As I sit here listening to Iowa typing this out, there is absolutely no question that, in a band with such talented musicians as Corey Taylor, Joey Jordison, Mick Thompson, and Jim Root, he was an underrated, yet integral part of Slipknot's sound.
Paul Gray, you will be sorely missed. My best thoughts go out towards your wife, your unborn child, and the entire Slipknot family. Even though I've mostly moved on to heavier bands by now, I'll always be a Maggot for life.”

- im not mental

The future was looking bright for Slipknot. They seemed happy, and their live performances were only getting better. Their latest album “All Hope is Gone” was a worldwide success, as was their headline tour to support the album. Things were looking good. So good, infact, that Percussionist Chris Fehn stated that the band’s new album was “likely to come out in 2010”. However, it is now extremely doubtful that this will happen.

“If you've listened to Slipknot's latest album, you have heard the lyric "The time of the nine has begun," of the song Gematria. If you watch the press conference, you see all 8 band members mourning the loss of a true friend. If you have their albums, you'll see two of them have all 9 members on them. And if you listen to their music, you'll hear 9 men making music they love together. No matter who will play bass in Slipknot, no one will be able to replace Paul.”
- genghisgandhi

The future of the band is a mystery. Paul was one of the 3 founding members, and an extremely important element to the band. In many people’s opinions, they will never be able to properly replace him. For now, we must wait. The band, his wife, his fans and the music community need time to mourn and pay their respects. We’ve lost a brilliant musician, and a truly amazing friend, family member, brother and influence.

“I remember as a kid I bought my first CD; Slipknot - Spit it Out. I'd listen to the same 3 songs on that single all day and would pretend to be one of the band. Something about the music they performed always got me excited and this CD changed my life forever. I remember hiding the fact that I listened to something different from regular school kids and the fear of being ridiculed by them but you know I thought , 'F**k them'.
I can't imagine Slipknot without Paul Gray because he was always one of the guys that was quiet behind the scenes but he had his presence with this bass thundering in the music. I never have got a chance to see Slipknot but I think the experience of listening to him with Slipknot will live with me forever.
Slipknot won't be the same without him.”

- Maiden_Beast

“Metal music lost one of, if not, the best bassist’s yesterday. I come home to see the bad news spread all over the internet that Paul Gray had died. Few words described how I felt. Heartbroken, devastated, saddened that such an incredible person had passed on. I remember back when I was an immature, thoughtless sheep, because I listened to what everyone else listened to, just to fit in. Then I listened to Slipknot’s “Left Behind” and my mind was blown. From there, I couldn’t get enough of them. I bought CDs, DVDs and Merchandise just to feel like I was supporting this awesome band (This is back before Vol. 3, before they got big). I became an outcast, just because I listened to this “noise” (other people’s words, not mine). I just thought “To f**k with them, as long as I’ve got Slipknot”. They were the band that influenced me in so many ways. They influenced me to get my own opinion and they influenced me to pick up a guitar and play their awesome songs. Not until they released ‘Voliminal: Inside the Nine’ did I realise how awesome Paul Gray and everyone were after I watched their individual interviews . That’s why I was so devastated that he died. I realised how much of an impact Paul’s death must be having on his family and his second family, the band. My thoughts go out to all of them.
Respect to you, #2”

- thenextkirk92

Paul, you truly were an inspiration to Musicians worldwide, and the world would be a better place if everyone had your kindness, love and enthusiasm. May 24th was not only a sad day for music, but for everyone that knew, had met or looked up to you. From all of us here at Ultimate Guitar.com, our thoughts go out to your loved ones. May you rest in peace.

"One life, nine hearts, and eighteen hands that'll rip you all apart." "

Written + quotes collected by MH400.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading
RIP Tom Searle.
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It's beautiful. Maybe we should find a way to send it to Slipknot?
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It's beautifil. Maybe we should find a way to send it to Slipknot?


And I'm thinking of sending an Email with it to their management in a few weeks.
RIP Tom Searle.
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And I'm thinking of sending an Email with it to their management in a few weeks.

That should be cool.
I misspelled beautiful.
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That should be cool.

Yeah, it would be amazing if they replied.

So many views, but no-one giving feedback.
RIP Tom Searle.
I won't read all that, but seriously Slipknot was a big influence of mine when I was in my young punk days. Good stuff, good musicians. Sad to see...
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Nicely done. I hope you can get it published into something that the masses can read.
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Thanks, guys

And to rock.freak667 - yeah, the Russians are going to upload it on Monday into the Columns
RIP Tom Searle.
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And to rock.freak667 - yeah, the Russians are going to upload it on Monday into the Columns

I was thinking more along the lines of one of those metal magazines or something. But hey, the columns are great too!
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This is very moving. Good work.
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Really great article man.



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This is some great work MH400.
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Thanks guys. Someone suggested that I should try to send it to online magazines, and try to get UG featured. Thoughts?
RIP Tom Searle.
Slipknot played a big part to me musically, I got my first Slipknot cd when I was 7, that was 10 years ago. I loved that cd, it was chaos to me at such a young age, but I found the beauty in it. I cried when I had heard that Paul had died, I rejected the notion but had to accept the cruel reality. I have Slipknot to thank for the evolution in my taste of music, for the hope that despite all odds you can make it as long you give it your all. I thank you guys, your music has been an inspiration.
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Great work guys. I watched the press conference the other day and it was one of the saddest things I've ever seen. His band was the reason for one of the best nights of my life which I will hold with me until the grave