Im in the market for a new acoustic this summer and am having trouble finding what i want. I feel like i'm to easily influenced by branding, so i would appreciate recommendations from a wide variety of manufacturers. There are a few things that i am looking for including

All wood construction(no laminates)
cutaway body design
onboard electronics
also i'm on a budget and looking to spend under 600, i understand that a guitar that includes of all of these may not be common, so please avoid being critical, i have limited knowledge and am just looking for some tips
Thanks for your input, its exactly the kind of answer i wanted to hear. And thanks for reassuring me about laminate sides and backs. I had been looking at some Martin X series guitars(hugely on sale for the weekend) but my initial reaction to seeing the were made with HPL was less than satisfactory.
Here's a Seagull with everything you're looking for, but it's $749. I played one at Guitar Center, and it sounded really nice. The guy helping me out was practically in love with this guitar! He kept going on and on about it. I think he was more interested in playing his favorite guitar than really helping me out to be honest. I've heard of people haggling prices at Guitar Center so you could probably get a better deal and also right now they have 15% off because of Memorial Day.


Edit: This isn't the right picture, but at Guitar Center I played one with the same specs, but it was cutaway.
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HPL isn't like most laminate - it's not really laminate as i understand it at all. it's more like particle board. most guitars use regular laminate, which i very much prefer. obeythepenguin and i were typing at the same time, and i'd say his reply about martin's HPL is more complete than mine.

i'd recommend the yamaha fgx730sc. solid top, great sound, beautiful finish and a cutaway. or maybe one of these http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Seagull-Entourage-Rustic-CW-QIT-AcousticElectric-Guitar?sku=583547

one last guitar - this one is an epiphone masterbilt, and it IS all solid, acoustic electric and has a cutaway.
i personally don't care for the masterbilt line, but if you like it, on sale with 15% off for memorial day it should come to like $512.
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