Awesome little loop you had going there. loved the improv with the axe and tapping the mic. Made it really interesting, lol I was wondering about the stench tho. I thought you were gonna sing and I couldn't see it happening without choking on all that axe lol. Nice job tho
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Thanks so much guys!

Experiment, Ive never heard that song before, but I was in a band once where we wrote a song that sounded a lot like that. The little riff at the beggining was pretty much the exact same! Haha. I was really happy to see that you made use of your loud upper voice around 1:20. I think if you worked on that you could be a really great singer.
Great cover! I was laughing, you did a great job. You look like the lead singer from Boys Like Girls. Hah.
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Really fun piece! I also hadn't heard this one before, until the vid - great bit of creativity! You should upload some more videos like this, with loops going on... maybe bringing in crazier and crazier things, will definately keep things interesting!
Also, that's a good idea you have at the end of the video, the 'queer question' bit

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hah, that was awesome, man! never thought of using personal hygiene products like that, and i really liked the loop going on. how did you do that?

also, just watched "When Stars Collide With Frannie", awesome job there too!

crit my cover of Say It Ain't So? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1319294
Thanks man! Im glad you enjoyed it! Usually I use a boss loop pedal to do the looping, but for this one I just recorded separate tracks on Cubase and then dubbed them over afterward.

Your cover of say it aint so is great, but it sounds like it could be a lot tighter. The main problem is that your drum beat is so slow. If you had an 8th note drum beat on the verses, it would help everything to flow better. The choruses sounded awesome though!