After going through some of my old guitar stuff I came across a Digitech RP80. Currently my Spider III 100w is in my guest house where my drums are so I tested the pedal out on my cheapy old Cube 15x. I was actually surprised by the wah and whammy effects (considering I don't own any wah pedals yet).

So how do you think this would work with the Spider III once I bring it back in? I heard pedals like this kill the tone on modeling amps (it's already bad enough being a Spider). But is this true? And if it would work, would I just have to put the pedal at a completely dry tone except for the wah effects then run it to my amp? I dont want to make the tone any worse then it already is so any change I probably wouldn't like.

PS: Dont worry I'm getting a Peavy Vypyr Tube amp soon.
Modelling pedal + modelling amp = not very good. They don't flow well together. When I owned an RP250, my friend who owns a Spider III 15 used it a lot. Horrible.. But his tone sucks anyway. Insane channel. Gain on 10. All EQ at 10. What. The. ****.
Modelling pedal + Aux input = very good.
Modelling pedal with amp and cab sims + MP3 input = very good.

And in fact, if you use a clean channel, it should work with the guitar in jack too.

It's all depending on where you plug in. ;P