I like it, if that's worth anything to you? Not much more to say really but it sounds really good.
Sounds great man loving Vivisection right now. Damn that sounds nice haha

BTW how did you get that layout on your myspace with the background and color? I just started my own site. Would be awesome if you checked out what we got too! http://www.myspace.com/openwidethesky
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Thanks for the positive feedback.. Ill check out your music right now!
Vivisection: i wasnt too big on it at first. the second guitar during the slow intro sounded a little muddy and out of place. but once it speeds up it all kind of fills out

Distancing: was this by any chance done with a 12 string or a mandolin? i know its gotta be one of those. im not big on this song. vocals are good. but it doesnt really have any flow.. at least not until theres the little drum breakdown thing. but i like the ooo's in that. sounds cool

Lithe: im diggin the piano intro, a lot. i like how its different than your other stuff, which is more prog rock. i like it a lot. the only thing id say is to add a lot more to this (as in other instruments) though it is good. i cant see people wanting to just go ahead and listen to only a piano anymore.. shame.

Fiddler: i dont really get the metaphor.. haha. but the vocals are sick as hell in this one. gotta say. drums are tight and the guitar is a tiny bit muddy.. and a little sharp at points. but very listenable. i dig it. beginning kinda reminds me of mess of me by switchfoot. so does your voice

Strings: i really like how pretty much all of your songs are individuals and they dont all sound they same. i like your voice though. its very '90's alt rock. this one isnt as catchy as the other ones. though its still alright. i like the break down thinger.. drums are great in this one. but theres a lot of room for improvement in the guitar. in tone and ability in my mind.

Movements in static: its a shame.. if you guys were in the 90's you'd be signed by now. honestly. this one just kinda states that fact. you guys definitely have something here

After the Mural: kind of strange intro that i wish i would hear more of now-a-days. though the whole song is kind of slow.. i'd like to maybe see it kind of all build up earlier and have kind of a big explosion.

Silencium: i like this guitar intro a lot. the tone is very nice and i like the background ambiance quite a bit. you guys are a really chill band arent you? i like that because it separates you a lot from other bands. most bands wouldve went into some heavy powerchords after that intro but you guys are just doing your own thing. i like that. you guys sound like bush a lot too.. i like this stuff.

Dr. West: i like the girl singin the intro. though she might need to work on her voice a little bit. the overdriven guitar tone isnt too great in this at all

Patterns:ahhhhhhh... i like this. i like the acoustic stuff. this is nice. the intro was cool. i think you shouldve continued it throughout the song. drums are very good in pretty much every song. the vocals are awesome in every one too.

pretty much... you guys are awesome. but you all definitely have room to improve

if you get a chance.. maybe you could help me out by telling me what you think of my stuff?
I'll just review all of the songs--that's much easier.
I refuse to do a short review and then expect a great Crit4Crit from the other person.
It would show a lack of caring of the person's work and moreso their own.
Without further blahblahblah:

Vivisection: ( 8 / 10 )
What made me happy right off the bat was that the producer did not kill the drums and send them to the back of the mix. The panned guitars sound great. The distortion in parts could use an EQ, but not annoying. Slap bass on the guitar near the end--nice touch. Dueling-guitars kind of feel. Overall, this is a great start to an album!

( 8.5 / 10 )
The full band rests/pausing is pretty cool. The mix could be a bit better. Parts get blurred together. This song carries a very Opeth-like vibe to it. It's a great song to just kick back and chill to. The guitar interlude / solo was VERY nice! It gave me an almost flamenco feeling--Love that! Another good start!--just needs a new mix.

Lithe: ( 7.5 / 10 )
A piano ballad, performed with feeling. I can hear this song as an opening song in a movie, with more reverb, of course. (Haha) Possibly, with a femme lead-singer singing slow, long melodic passages with passionate lyrics.

The Fiddler for the Orchestra: ( 5 / 10 )
The vocals are good, but somewhat feel like they were loosely thrown over the music. The guitar riffs and drums keep the song together and the listener interested. Good song!

Strings: ( 5 / 10 )
The vocals are mixed a bit deeper into the mix this time. It's strange. The clean and med-Distortion guitars are a good combo. The vocal melody could be a bit more rememberable though.

Movements In Static: ( 6 / 10 )
Probably the most experimental song I've heard so far. It's a laid-back, almost jam-style song. Great song to chill to.

After The Mural: ( 9.5 / 10 )
Sounds like it could be off of a Video Game soundtrack during an adventuring point in the game where you can just walk around and explore the area. The vocals in this song are pretty cool, because they are more like a colour added to the mix, and not so much a main instrument. Just a nice touch added here and there. Very dreamlike song you can get lost in by just closing your eyes and listening intently. The guitars with phasers, delay, and some light distortion here and there. Very interesting (in a good way) how the song almost just decays within the last 30 seconds--instruments drop out leaving a single guitar.

Silencium: ( 8.9 / 10 )
The guitar in the right channel has an AMAZING clean tone, reminiscent of Dir en grey's clean tones. All this song needs is some added effects and a wide soundscape and this would be a great demo track (with some minor re-mixing, of course)!!!

Dr. West: ( 7 / 10 )
GREAT femme vocals with an epic touch. Guitars and rhythms sound like that of TOOL, Staind, Flyleaf and others. This would make another great demo piece, if re-recorded and mixed a little better, but yeah!

Patterns: ( 8 / 10)
Nice acoustic guitars. Vocals have a splitter on it, it sounds like. The timbre of the vocals change after first verse--kinda strange sounding. Yeah... I like those acoustic guitars with the bass playing underneath. Vocals are a bit distracting near the end, but those can be fixed.

Overall Comments, Response and Score: ( 73.4 / 100 )
Great start on those tracks! They need just a little bit of polish to make them shine, but they are great songs, indeed! Keep up the hard work and I can wait to see what's in store for the future!

Final Notes:
If you'd like to hear/crit some of my older projects:
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