So I'm trying to make my own foot switch for my amp (Laney LX65R) and I've tried using this instuctable (http://www.instructables.com/id/Amp-footswitch/?ALLSTEPS#step0) but I can't get it to work.
It is very difficult to read the instructions so if you guys could either help me with explaining it or can help me find better instructions or schematics I' really appreciate it
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Looking at the Manual for that it would seem that it uses the same sort of setup as a Marshall.
So you need two garden variety dpdt footswitches (even spdt or even spst for that matter). You will want a stereo cable (ie two conductors and a shield).
You wire up one of the conductors to one switch and the other conductor to the other switch. Connect the shield to both switches so the conductors are switched to the shield. The other end you connect as you would any other stereo phono plug; shield to the shield of the plug, the two conductors go to the tip and ring. Which one goes to which depends on the model it would seem. getting the tip and ring wrong will just swap which switch is channel and which is reverb.
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Quote by Cathbard
You will want a stereo cable (ie two conductors and a shield).

I'm a littleconfused about this part. the shield is just the insulation around the wires inside right? right now I'm using two wires merged together (like on a two wire headphone) and one wire looks like copper and the other is a silver(not sure exactly).

is that the right cable and if so does it matter which wire is connect to the switchs?

as you can see I'm very tech savy
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