Hi guys, I'm dead set on getting a Bugera 333XL 212 combo, I've read the reviews, gone and played one for a while, and it's the amp for me.
I WILL be gigging with this amp, But also using it at home.
It's a loud amp, being 120w tube, so is there any way to make it quieter for bedroom use etc? i was thinking an attenuator but i have no clue as to whether they work with combos or not.
I really don't like using my two practice amps (Vypyr 30 and Ibanez TBX15r) as the Bugera sounds SO much nicer.
Also, Would the line out on the Bugera work with headphones? as they're always an option.
Thanks for your help.
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The Bugera has a master volume, so the best bet would be to turn it down. Beyond that, as long as the speakers are connected to the amplifier with typical 1/4" phone jack cables, then you can plug an attenuator in between the amp and the speakers. You should be able to use the line out for headphones, but consult the owner's manual first.
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IMO the bugera on "volume 0" is quite and still sounds better than a 15x cube so maybe around the same as the peavy,

It just sounds sorta muddy but you can crank the treble and precesnce and it sounds fine

Also does the 333xl have a headphone out? I didn't think it did, i know the 6262 doesn't but it may be different
I've got a peavey valveking 212 it's 100w right now. I keep it below 2 on the volume and it's perfect for bedroom levels. The sound will still be awesome at low levels but the tube saturation won't be there, which is kind of a shame at such low volumes.
It has a volume knob.. Two actually!
Three if you count the FX loop. You can get those things quiet enough to play at night.
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