I'm having some trouble with a particular part of a guitar solo which involves a set of quick pull-offs on first the 4th and then the filth string:


I'm not sure if I should

a) Use my index finger to bar the 11th fret of the 4th and 5th strings
(Currently trying this but having diffuculty getting the 12th 11th fret pull-off on the 4th string to sound while still fretting the 5th string)


b) fret first the 11th fret of the 4th string then fret the 11th fret of the 5th string after finishing the pull-off on the 4th string
(I cannot get this to work fast enough right off the bat (first experience with this specific set of pull-offs) and I don't want to practice something that will negatively affect my technique

Any advice would be great
The second way is fine, just practice it at a slower tempo if you can't do it at full speed.
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the second one will do

like 18th Angel said just practice slow and build up!

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