Alright I'm a fan of Blink 182, Smashing Pumkins, Kings of Leon, Silversun Pickups, Foo Fighters... and on. I currently have an Epi Les Paul Studio but I want to get a bit of a different tone to play with. Been playing for over a year now and play out of a Carvin mts 3212. Any thoughts?

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Try to look for an Epiphone Wild Cat or Casino, Ibanez S series (like the S570B), Gretsch Pro Jet or G5135...

A bit more expensive (around the $700 price range) but awesome as well are the Fender Roland-Ready Strat, a PRS SE with P90's (or "soapbar" pickups if you will)... You might also wanna try a "fat strat" and see how you like the combination of single coils and humbuckers (don't go for a Squier tho)...

You could also go for a nice electroacoustic guitar, like an Ovation

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I was looking at the Mexican made Fenders and they look descent enough. As for the Epi Wild Cat or Casino, how does that differ from say a Dot? I don't know a whole lot about Ibanez or Gretsch to tell you the truth too.
And I just can't seem to find that Billy Corgan tone with my Les Paul, so single coils would be nice to play with.
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And I just can't seem to find that Billy Corgan tone with my Les Paul, so single coils would be nice to play with.

Billy Corgan has a signature hardtail Fender Strat that comes loaded with three DiMarzio single-coil sized humbuckers (not sure which ones). I played one and it is a fine guitar. It is a bit out of your price range at about US$900.00, but you could always drop the same pickups into a MIM Strat and have the same guitar for a lot less.
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It's kind of hard when we don't know your preferences and such. Do you like thick or thin necks? Wide necks? Preference for number of frets? What pickup combo would you be interested in? Is weight a factor? Single cut? Double cut? Hard tail or trem? What guitar stores are in the area so we can avoid recommending guitars not carried by those guitar shops.

The best thing for you to really do is just try a whole bunch of guitars and see what sounds best and is more comfortable for you.
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