Hi, I play an epiphone les paul custom siverburst, and I mainly play classic rock. I'm looking for a new set of pickups as I think I just want an upgrade. I play through a 50watt solid state randall amp, and want nice cleans, but also a thin lizzy/slash kind of overdriven tone...

So, I was wondering what pickups would be a good idea. I've looked around, and would a seymour duncan SH-2 and a seymour duncan APH-1 work?

Maybe a good set of PAF copie would be good choice. Check out the RockMOnkey Smooth Heritage (Neck Pickup) and the Vintage Original or Blackback. What's your budget?
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Seymour Duncan APH-2s are really good.
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What is the specific model of Randall amp you have? Without a good amp, pickups will not usually be a step in the right direction in terms of tone, unless the stock ones you have are horrendous.
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I had Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro 2 Pickups in my Epiphone and while it didn't make a vast improvement to the bridge pickup it worked wonders for the neck pickup. The Stock Epiphone ones were pretty awful...
Thanks for the responses. My budget would be around £150, and my randall is an RX50D, which I'm unlikely to be replacing any time soon...
I just put a versatile set of pups in my Epi: Seymour Duncan P-Rails. I had a set put in my Gibson LP and liked them so much I put a set into my Epi. Very versatile and I also wired them w/ a push/pull pot so I can put them in series/parallel mode along w/ 2 mini toggles to engage the three modes in many different combinations.
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A Duncan P-Rails in the neck and a JB or a Dimarizo D-Activator in the bridge
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