I bought this vintage 1968 custom tele off ebay lastweek but when i took to my local music shop to be restrung they told me this guitars body was a Japanese replica and not actually American i guy i bought it off of swears its real and has even offerered me a full refund on it but i love the guitar and i really don't wanna give it up ..is there anyway i can find out if its real or not

My local music shop are saying no Teles with binding were made in the 1960s

here is the ebay link so you can have a look..i can take some more pics if you need then


What do you think?


its your guitar store says its japanese its probably not the real deal, but its a nice guitar.
Any markings in the neck pocket?

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Although there's no reason that the guy in the guitar shop knows any more about vintage tele's than my Granny. Just because he works in a guitar shop doesn't mean anything. Surely these things have serial numbers?

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Wasn't 1968 mainly the thinlines?

Also why would it be called custom? That makes it feel like a re issue to me.

It does look nice though.
just check out the serial number with one (or more) of the many websites which offer this.

google 'fender serial numbers' to see the sites available.

sounds to me like the guy in the shop doesn't know what he is talking about, especially if the seller is offering a money back guarantee. good luck! let us know how it goes.
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your local music shop fails, that's all i can say.

all the details are accurate for a late '60s fender, i think your local shop is trying to **** you around out of jealousy or something... the people who work in music shops are only human, therefore they are capable of talking out of their arses about stuff. The ebay seller probably knows more about it than anyone in a local shop would unless the shop are a vintage guitar specialist anyway...
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Its legit,

They did do ones with bindings,

iirc it was during the CBS era that the bindings became rarer, also the description seems accurate and like the guy knows what he has, the fact he is offering a full refund of £2.5K alo suggests he is honest.

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I just went on Fender's website and according to their instrument dating section, your guitar is legit and was made between 1969 and 1970. So you can tell the guy at the music store to blow smoke out his ass.
No Teles in the 60s were made with binding? They started binding in the 60s. I have a 63 that has binding.
^Indeed, thats bullshit, theres a reason the modern day 60s reissues have body binding, -facepalm-

1962 telecaster reissue. Theyre made to the same specs as the vintage ones aesthetically.

Tell your guitar shop to do some research before they go around making claims like that.
Serial number checks out and the wear looks right, definately not a reissue. Beautiful guitar btw, congrats on buying it
Thank you so much for taking the time to look into this for me...you really have put my mind at rest

I feel like going back up the guitar shop and telling them everything i know now!

Thanks again