"This song was written by Muse for the film 'Twilight'."
Uhh, no it wasn't.

Quote from Matt in an interview.
"Well actually the song was written, well I don't wanna bring anyone down, when I broke up with girlfriend about 8 months ago or something, and I pretty much wrote that song immediately after that. It was like that song was reflecting on that moment when you first get with someone and everything feels like it's going to go on forever and it's bit of like uh, bit of like a true love sentiment I suppose but for me when I wrote that song, it was quite heavy because it was like a memory of what it used to be like you know? Like when you used to think that way but now obviously it's the complete opposite of that when you break up. So when I'm singing that song, I'm kind of coming from that perspective really. So that song was floating around since about 8 months ago and that song was what I thought would probably be on another album in the future, but it's gonna be a long time until we get to do that, and then obviously these Eclipse, the Twilight people contacted us and um, were very keen to get a song for the film and I just thought 'why not?' you know? Might as well just bug it out there and get it out there because probably the song is representing a difficult period of my life and by the time we get to the next album it might not be relevant anymore because my life might be changed or moved on or something."

Posted my feedback on video.
Thanks, I've replied to your feedback on there - I've also updated my info to match what you said!