Why hasn't anyone critted on this yet!?
I love this - i don't usually listen to a lot of electronic music, but this is pretty catchy. Nice use of effects on the voice, really fits with the rest of the piece. Nice rhythm in the background too. Just wondering, what did you produce this on? Fruity loops?
I like it when the harmonies come in on the voice, really nice. Keep it up mate!

Comment on my cover?
Thanks dude! I appreciate the comments
I used a simple program called Mixcraft 5 - it's really powerful though actually.

I sequenced it all by mouse clicking so it took a while, but im proud

I'll take a look at your cover soon.
Damn nice man. Not really my type of music but hella nice cover dude. Sounded awesome, nothing I didn't like about it. Great recording quality and mix. Not much else to say but keep up the good work! Not a fan of auto tune but it definitely has its use hear and helps just make it flow, harmonies where nice too.

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Thanks man
I'll comment on your cover now.

I really appreciate all the comments