i'm aware there was a thread for these guys quite some time ago but i figured that since they've just released their debut album, what better time to introduce the uninitiated to their beautiful (and australia made ) tunes. They play in a very psychadelic 60's style and their singer sounds eerily like john lennon. Anyone into these guys?

an older track....

and from their new album...
Good to see them getting some recognition overseas. Think Pitchfork gave the new album 8.5 not bad at all.
She Had An Abortion That She Made Me Pay For
New album is pretty damn good. I pre-ordered it, but I downloaded it. Can't wait for the pre-order to come in, though, I really want to hear that 26 minute track.
I got the preorder in the mail yesterday. Great album.

Was kind of disappointed by that "epic 26 minute" track, though, I thought it'd be a little more then just a sort of mildly organized jam.
^ Dude I would KILL to go to one of the Tame Impala/MGMT shows. Love MGMT, and Tame Impala sounds like they'd be ****ing amazing live.
been jamming to this for a few months. solid, but at times a bit listless.
Saw them with MGMT in dallas a few nights ago. Cool set but felt a bit repetitive. They seemed a little nervous too.
There's something living in these lines.
yeah the album is quite repetitive at times. anyone seen those amazing clips of them playing in the woods? pitchfork is streaming them.
Innerspeaker was meh, definitely listenable once you get over the stuff like

"There's a party in my head and no one is invited"

Not a horrible album, its good background music for cleaning rooms/shopping for kitchen appliances and shit.
^I actually think most of the lyrics on Innerspeaker are fantastic, besides that one, and the lyrics on "I Don't Really Mind", mostly because he just says "But I don't really mind" over 9000 times.