My guitar - which is a standard Strat copy - yesterday decided it didn't want me plugging it into the amp any more.

Basically, what's happened is the input jack has come away from the input jack plate, and it's just sitting loose in the little cavity. There's nothing to keep it in line with the hole in the plate so I can't plug in.

Any advice?

I'll try and get some pictures up soon.

get a replacement nut for the 3/8" bushing? (might be metric if its a copy)
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Just take it to your local shop and get it fixed or replaced for dirt cheap. I got mine done for free in fact.
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Undo the two screws to remove the plate, then you can feed the 1/4" jack back into the hole. If you've lost the nut, buy a spare jack for couple of dollars and use the nut from it to replace the missing one.
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