Hey guys!

First off... yeah, I know, it's a vibrato, but what ever:
I've got me an original Floyd Rose tremolo for my Pasadena Dragon... and it's awesome!

After having done some soldering and modding on the electronics (rewiring + splitting the humbuckers), now I've got the chrome OFR to swap in. I had to use the old trem block and nut though, but fortunately those were the best parts of the cheap, old tremolo, so I don't mind that. As long as it works great, I'm happy. =)

In the end, the guitar got to be the same price as my Virgo (~600CHF), because the postal service charged a hell lot for organising taxation of my guitar (50CHF for organizing 20CHF of VAT).

And now I have a rather custom guitar, I'd say. At least I definitely won't run into anybody having the same guitar as me. Ever.
THIS. beautiful

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