Hi guys
I am playing a very big gig today but i have noticed a problem with one of my bass'. Two of the songs we are playing in Drop C, but this bass goes out of tune about 30 seconds into the song. The 1st to 3rd string dont go out of tune that much and so dont matter but it is the low C that does. Ive noticed that the strings are quite far away from the neck and so would this make a difference. Is there anything I can do to sort this out before tonight?
Hope you can help
Have you tried stretching the strings?
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just thinking of simple stuff here but try new strings. what gauge strings do you use? try slightly larger ones. i hope you work it out and have a great gig!!!
Have a separate bass for that tuning and make sure you use pretty thick strings. Using a separate Drop C bass means you won't have to tune down and screw up the tension on the neck (which is half the reason you're going out of tube so quickly, the neck is still adjusting itself). Thick strings help to retain the tension
yeah, a second bass is the only option that will definitely work, unless you get creative and play the songs in whatever tuning you normally use
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you want to use a heavy gauge string or consider using a 5 string bass string set and adjust your bass accordingly.
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