Yea, got it a couple of days ago. Blew me away. Anyone have a favorite song yet?
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I liked Immunize and Set me on Fire (Pendulum does Dubstep!) best.
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I really liked The Island-Pt.2 (Dusk) and Comprachicos. The Fountain (Feat. Steven Wilson) is really badass too.
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Self Vs Self is amazing.

Saw them in Swindon last night. Well worth the 600 mile/11 hour driving trip
Brilliant album, very diverse. Both the Islands are awesome
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The Vulture is another good one, i always listen to it in the car. Don't really recommend that tho, i get so pumped i almost crash every morning on the way to work.
Having my first listen to it now.

I heard 2 or 3 songs at the music store that I really really liked, but I'm not sure one of them was even Pendulum. It sounded a lot like them, but it was the first track, and the first track is not it.

I suppose it could have been on shuffle. That's what I'm hoping anyway. I must find this song.