I just got a Boss Gt-10. Id come up with this piece a long time ago and decided to record it. Let me know what you think. I just got the Gt 10 today so the tones are a little raw. Cleanest recording I've ever done I think.


Track name is 'Blades of Grass'
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Clean is relative I guess but it is a slight improvement over your earlier stuff. I think you need to focus on your timing rather than the quality of your recording though, the mistakes and timing detract from the idea which could be cool.

Personally I no longer like the sound of the BOSS multieffects (there was a time when the ME-5 was my GOD) so the distorted sound kind of rubs me the wrong way.
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I think the thing you need to work on the most is making sure you have a good, clean, articulate sound coming out of your guitar. There are some spots where the playing is sloppy and it takes away fromthe feel of the song. Work on your chops a bit and you'll find that your recordings will sound a lot better.

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